About Us


We are a company that connects a sustainable life with conscious people to improve our children's planet. We believe that each generation should seek to make the world better.

We know that by ourselves we can't solve all the problems. But individually we can make small changes in the way we live, consume and discard and create a positive ripple effect for the sake of our planet.

At aba, we discover daily use products that often go unnoticed, but generate tons of waste that take hundreds of years to decompose, like the millions of bibs that dentists and tattoo artists use every day around the world for each patient or customer.

One hour of use, hundreds of years to decompose. We ask ourselves; can this be recreated into a biodegradable product? Yes, it can, and we did it!

Now, these bibs can be composted or directly buried in the ground. Our success in creating biodegradable bibs has encouraged us to seek more daily use products, produce them in a sustainable way and connect them with conscious people that understand the delicate state of our environment and want to change their consumer habits for a healthier life and planet.

Will you join us?